Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sex Slaves

Frontline on PBS had a disturbing special on the trade of sex slaves from Ukraine to Turkey, a trafficking system that spans the entire world, including the U.S. of A. Women are lured under the promise of jobs as illegal workers, only to then be sold as slaves for sums of $500 - $1,000. Poverty forces many to take the bait of jobs abroad even knowing the risks.

This had me quite depressed, not just about the plight of these women, but the evil spirit that resides in not just the men who pimp them, but the plentiful customers to these brothels. And what of inept and sometimes abettor governments that help keep the sex trade alive?

Another moving story is the documentary film, 'Born into Brothels', winner of the Oscar for that category. While it is a beautiful story of children and their imagination even in such adverse conditions, I found myself crying quite intensely after the movie for what is essentially a failure of not just governments but all of us in not trying to do more.

Alas, that is the sad reality of politics. Politicians do not win elections by fighting for prostitutes or their children, for they have no union and the rest of us are too freakin' moralistic (and perhaps hypocritical?) to give a damn!

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Vish said...

Hey Karthik,

Prostitution in itself is not a "bad" thing. I once heard somewhere (forgot who and where) "If there were no hookers available for sex addicts, then the next targets could very well end up being our sisters or daughters!"

I agree that forcibly selling women to brothels is bad - very bad. But prostitution in itself may also have good effects on the society.

DISCLAIMER: I do not imply anything more than what I say :)