Monday, January 31, 2005

Freedom for All!

Cheers to the brave men and women of Iraq, who shrugged away the bombs and threats, and went to cast their God-given right to freedom. Did you look at the voter turnouts? It was indeed exhilarating!! And people said Iraqis weren't ready for democracy, and we shouldn't try to "impose" it on them. Well, looks like they seem pretty ready to me!

You have to be delighted, whether or not you supported the war. I myself have wafted on the issue, but am leaning towards the idea that this may be worth it after all. It is still too early to tell. But I do get upset with Kerry and the other partisan Democrats who spent Sunday focusing on "well, when are our troops coming home" and "what's the next step" rather than stepping back and appreciating the true watershed moment this truly is!!

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Shivakumar said...

And finally the prodigal son returns, admist expectations, to prove that it indeed is true. True that life indeed can turn around. People surely can change.

Duhhh....I had to write those sentences. I don't follow much news these days, but still reading surely feels good. Hope this is a start in the long journey back to civilization.