Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hook 'em Horns!

This is my first sports-related blog post, and I certainly didn't think it would come from the world of college football. I'm not the biggest fan of the game at the college level - defenses are weak, there are too many trick plays and way too many teams! But last night, despite struggling from pretty severe allergies that had me bed-ridden, I saw what I think was one of the best games of any kind I have seen, when the Texas Longhorns beat the USC Trojans to win the BCS National Championship! I found myself unable to peel myself off the TV screen in a cliffhanger that seemed to swing from one side to the other. Here are my picks for different categories:

  • MVP No question - Vince Young almost singlehandedly led a Texas offense to keep up with a dynamic USC team, and kept the Trojan defense listless and confused. It was pretty incredible to see Young swat away tacklers with one hand as he ran for it!

  • Most incredible play There were a few contenders, but in the end, Reggie Bush like superman flying into the end zone and doing a somersault to land on his legs was out of this world!
  • Stupidist play by a player Bush is here again. After an incredible run effort, he was victim of the desire to try too much, as he tried to lateral the ball at the end of the run. Instead, the 'horns recovered the fumble and a great run ended tragically!
  • Stupidist call by a coach This in my mind has got to be Pete Caroll's decision to go for it on 4th and 2 with the ball on the USC 40 yd line and just over 2 min to go. Never will happen in the pros! Yes, a first down would have sealed the game, but you never gamble so big on one play. Instead a good punt would have put the pressure on the 'horns, who didn't have a superfynamic passing offense (I think Young had more rushing yards than passing). The Trojan defense showed some effectiveness blitzing Young towards the end, but when you start 40 yds from the goal line and over 2 min to go, you are gonna at least kick a field goal if you're the #2 (ok, now #1) team in the country!
  • Crystall ball Vince Young will have an incredible couple of years in the NFL when he foes go pro, before he realizes there is a reason McNabb and Vick don't run like they used to - it's called injury. Defenses in the NFL are much more physical, and even with his size, I don't think Young will last long before he tries more of a passing game. Leinart will meanwhile thrive in a balanced team like Brady in New England, never being the one everyone's talking about (there will always be a Payton Manning) but will nevertheless be one of the winnigest QBs in the NFL in the right team.

    nutzball said...

    did reggie make an illegal pass, does usc take a penalty and keep the ball does the out come change????

    Sid Krishnamurthi said...

    I agree that Young was just fantastic. I was surprised to see Bush sit out during some crucial plays. On 4th and 2, I would expect both the Heisman Trophy winners to be on the field. But then, I am no coach.

    Anonymous said...

    i wanted usc to win because they're a california school, they were number one, and george bush is from texas....;)

    Anonymous said...

    What a great game! ... The orange bowl the night before was no snoozer either! Its been a great bowl season overall. I agree with your points with the exception that I think going for it on 4th and 2 was the right call by Pete Caroll, it just wasn't USC's night. USC's strength and experience is their offense and he rightly tried to keep them on the field and keep The Vince Young Show off the field. For similar gutzy calls in the pros, see Bill Belichick and New England. Nonetheless, I was pulling for Texas, so was happy with the outcome. -Alex