Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time for Action

The recent blasts in Mumbai, India are a grim reminder that the barbarian threat of terror still looms large. In the days to come, there will be much print dedicted to individual horror stories, and much condemnation of the gruesome acts. None of this is new. And yet, if every country condemning the acts were sincere, we have to ask if groups such as LeT and JeM would exist. And what of that most-wanted Dawood Ibrahim, terrorist financier, sought by India for well over a decade and a half now? And it is time the Indian political class go beyond photo-ops after rushing to the scene of the terror, and put the weight of the nation's largest democracy and second-most populous nation to exert pressure on the countries that allow these thugs to exist (read Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and a handful of Gulf nations).

The retarded Home minister, Shivraj Patil was on record as stating that an attack was expected, but no specifics were available as to location and timing. Why then were public places not put on high alert? Could it be that the pols were more busy with populism, be it quotas or bureaucratic battles, to bother about the issues that truly affect people?

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