Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pelosi Alert!!

Always watch out for a politician who has too exaggerated an opinion of him or herself! The latest victim to this self-indulgent think is Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who seems to think that just because she's the first speaker of the House, she needs to try and be a pseudo-president. Her latest escapade was a damaging trip to Syria, where she conveyed a peace message from Olmert and "determined the road to Damascus is a road of peace". Except that Olmert's office denies it ever sent a peace message, and Syria is hardly a peaceful country, implicated in the assasination of the former Lebanese prime minister and supporters of the malicious Hizbollah.

What Ms Pelosi did achieve was to perpetuate a sense of American weakness - the idea that the insurgents in Iraq have used to egg each other on - that democracy weakens the spirit and that when the going gets tough, America gets going. I'm all for negotiations with all parties, but when a speaker of the House choses to subvert the elected leader of the free world, it makes you shake your head in disgust. But forget me, even that liberal bastion, the Washington Post had a damning editorial on Pelosi's foolish shuttle diplomacy.

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