Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'll Pass On the IPhone

Ok, so that wouldn't have been a huge surprise for those who know me. I'm cheap, and tend to hate overpaying for brand name. I bought a much-cheaper Sandisk MP3 player rather than an iPod (hmm, I was meaning to write a review about Sandisk's FANTASTIC customer service). I often buy clothes from Walmart or other discount stores, and don't mind a gloomy grocery store if it can save me bucks.

But now the first review is out - Glenn Fleishman provides some persuasive reasons for waiting for a later version for the iPhone. I'd like to add another - sweat and scratches! Yep, you read that right. Anyone who's regularly used a touchscreen will now the wear-and-tear from sweaty fingers and nails. I'd suspect for a real user (i.e. one who doesn't treat their phone like their baby) an iPhone just wouldn't last that long.

Speaking of which, do people really use their phones to surf the web all that much? I mean, I can see checking directions or looking up a number, but reading the NY Times? Come on, people, get a life!

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Lazy Blogger said...

uh oh...i do read the ny times on my mobile.. when i am waiting at the gas station, when i am stuck in traffic, when i am waiting at the dentist's office or at the airport....there never is a bad time for getting a news fix