Sunday, August 12, 2007

Go Diego Go

Turns out all those kids' "educational" programs aren't that great after all. Time magazine reports on a latest study that programs like "Baby Einstein" cause more harm than good. Turns out that video learning is overstimulation, and doesn't affect a kids' learning in the same ways as personal interaction. This is consistent with an earlier study on the detrimental effects of outsourcing child learning to Sesame Street. The good news? Turns out reading to your kids helps them develop language skills far superior to the control group.

This raises an interesting question, one I discussed at some length with the friend who sent me the story. Does this story basically call you to re-visit the stay-at-home parent concept? It isn't simply about the quality of daycare. After all, the explosion in educational TV is partly because two parents tired from a days' work don't have the mental strength to engage a baby.

If you have views on the subject, I encourage you to use the comment feature of this blog to let them be known. As with so many things, I'm weighing the pros and cons, and I always love hearing other points of view.

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Wow. Nice post :) Will respond with a entry in my blog. Very interesting topic you have raised