Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dem Debate: Turn off the Commentators

Anyone else tired of the crap political commentators put out after every debate? After the last edition, one I watched because I was finally done with my doctoral defense (yes, yours truly now has signatures approving his Dr.-dom!), I couldn't help but notice how disparate my views were from those of the "experts".

Hillary, they told us, put in a stellar performance. Really? I must have missed that. What I saw were soft questions (including the most ridiculous question about diamonds or pearls, one it turns out CNN encouraged an audience member to ask), and a failure to commit to specific policies. Sen. Clinton is best when she has to play the old pol's game of being everything to everyone.

Obama, we are told, stumbled. I'm not that impressed with him, but at least he did on occasion commit to where he stands on issues. Of course, that was few and far between, as the top tier candidates largely deflected every question to a beration of the Bush administration.

The sidelined candidates, on the other hand, did a stellar job. Richardson and Dodd were very good in talking about specifics, and Biden had flashes of brilliance when asked about foreign policy. But the media just writes a few brief lines about them - after all, a Pakistan policy isn't as exciting as how Hillary snapped at Edwards!

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