Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Click! Streets of Chennai, India

With my new camera, I'm hoping to take a lot more random pictures, and since I'm on vacation in my hometown of Chennai, India, here are some of the clicks I took today.

What easement? This is Chennai - all that separates traffic from construction is an asbestos sheet. The construction BTW is for the Kathipara junction, which will be Madras' first junction with multiple roads crossing over in different directions!

Since no one seems to follow the lanes, it looks like in some cases, the transportation dept just did away with the wasted paint. Incidentally, this is remarkly unchaotic for Chennai - I need to take a picture of a real Chennai street!

Seatbelt anyone?

That's a view of the Olympia Tech Park, which I'm told is the largest building in the world to get the LEED gold certification. I need to go and visit this. I read online that only 12% of the property is built up, with 88% designated for extensive landscaping in process. That would be stunning in an area where land prices are at about Rs 4-5 million a ground (~ $2 million/acre!!) and have gone up 50% in the last year!

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