Friday, February 08, 2008

Bye Bye Mitt!

Mitt Romney has left the building. Goodbye! It's sad to see a candidate that could have been something stumble. I didn't support him ... in many ways, I thought he was like that other man from his state that ran for President - John Kerry. Both were brilliant enough to be president, but both had serious credibility issues. People trusted Bush and McCain, even if they didn't really have the best resume.

In the end, Mitt made a calculated gamble. Here was a man who had created phenomenally successful businesses, resurrected a broken Olympics, and introduced universal health care as governor. What better qualifications could you expect in a presidential candidate? But he chose to steer from the data-driven non-ideologue that is his strength to what he perceived to be what the Republican party was looking for. But this isn't 2000 and people aren't looking for another George Bush.

To be fair, maybe his campaign was doomed anyway. In this time of economic angst, I don't know if any candidate could run with a claim of running businesses. Populism is in the air, as you can tell from Huckabee's strong showing in a party that worships the free market. But by running a more sincere campaign, Romney could have managed to get on as a veep, something that simply can't happen now!

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