Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC: Day Two Speeches

I need to go to bed, so this will be short ...

Good speech by Hillary - just what the base was looking for. Paint the distinction between the parties' philosophy, attack Bush-McCain, talk about the favorite Democratic talking points. Oh, and while you're at it, get maximal publicity for yourself - anyone notice how she walked around the podium after she finished for maximal exposure. Best line: "Did you do it just for me, or for that woman who has cancer, ..."

I thought the best speech of the night was Mark Warner. He reminds me why I would have supported the Democrats if he ran for President. He's a centrist, and rather than focus on the liberal bashing of American corporations, he focuses on building creating the right environment for new businesses. Best line: None I can think of now, but his story about Lebanon, VA was fantastic!

Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas was bland! Thank heavens for the Dems she wasn't pick as the Veep candidate. She had a few good punch lines, but her delivery was flat, and she didn't seem particularly passionate (I must confess I heard her on the radio, which in some ways in a great way to judge speakers). Best line: "McCain is for some renewable enery - renewing Bush's failed energy policies"

Bob Casey, Jr did well as did the Montana Governor. A former secretary of energy, Frederico Pena was good in presenting Denver as a model of green energy for the country. But there's still too much time between the good speeches, and it's been a challenge to try to keep watching ... like the Oscars without the awards or the celebrities!!

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