Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC: Day Two Impressions

I only watched the RNC from about 9 or so. And I must say, it was quite a view. The one thing the GOP does better than the Dems is stay on schedule. Especially this year in a truncated convention where time was critical.

The video tribute to Michael Mansoor literally had me in tears. At a time of so much selfishness and cynicism, here was a young man who leaped on a grenade to protect his fellow soldiers. That, and the tribute to the veterans of different wars, set the evening in a really good way for me.

The Dems lost steam too often with breaks. Not the Republicans. Immediately after the tribute was what I thought was a pretty good speech by First Lady Laura Bush. There's something pretty awesome about her - she has so much grace and class! And she went to point out the stats the media have not bothered to point out - especially the highest ever minority performance on achievement tests, and what I think should be the legacy of the Bush administration - increasing the number of Africans receiving antiretrovirals from 50,000 to about 2 million.

President Bush was decent - he had a few good lines, but I don't know if it was the fact that he was speaking by satellite, or what, but he's been better at public speaking. But it was short, and kept the momentum going into the video tribute of Reagan.

The Reagan piece was ok. Seriously, how do you ever make a vid on Reagan and not include the famous "Tear Down these Walls" speech? But there were moments when it was touching.

Fred Thompson was the best speaker of the evening. Talk about knocking it out of the park. Best line was talking about hope ... the hope that McCain had as a POW, that is the true hope. His re-telling of the McCain story was incredibly moving, and for someone like me who has already heard it, I still found myself tearing up.

Joe Lieberman was decent, but entertaining if only because I was surprised how aggressive he was. I won't expect to see calls for his censure within his causus, but it truly motivated the folks at the convention center, and the base in general to see the former VP pick of the Dems come over.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good night. I think the GOP candidates have less of a need to be specific since they are running on an experience platform. And their experiences have been of surviving torture, reforming government ... not how their candidate met his wife, and asked her out!!

I'm real excited about the Palin speech tonight. The more I see her old interviews, the more I like her. She's been viciously attacked by the jerks like the DailyKos and the far left, but that's a post for another time.

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