Monday, October 06, 2008

Liquidity ok, but What About Capital?

The folks at First Pacific Advisors (FPA Funds) have a brilliant new commentary (actually a week and a half old) that's a must read. They point out, much as John Hussman and others have, that the bailout does nothing to address the capital needs of banks. Unless the government overpays for distressed assets, the bailout plan will have them traded, but in some cases, may even cause banks to fail to meet capital requirements after the asset sale, causing more bank failures.

An interesting factoid: corporate America has more than $600 billion cash on its books. Allowing companies like Wal-Mart into the banking business would allow that cash to come to the rescue of our financial system.

Read the whole article!

PS: One of my favorite mutual funds, one that I own personally is the FPA Crescent Fund (ticker: FPACX). If you have some money to put away, even as little as $100 a month, I encourage you to consider this fine conservative fund which has only lost money one year since 1995!!

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