Monday, February 09, 2009

What a Bank, What a Bank ...

At a time when it takes a little inner saint to not cuss at banks, I stumbled on a bank that actually makes the world a better place. Now, now, in this day and time, that almost seems impossible, unless you're talking of some international microfinance bank like the Grameen Bank, which isn't the type of bank you or I would necessarily do business with (although we might chose to give our charitable $ that way).

But skepticism step aside - here's the Shore Bank of Chicago. It's a bank formed with an express motive of achieving social and environmental goals while making a profit. Now, normally when I see something like that, I think it's a tired cliche every business now uses nowadays, but turns out the Newshour with Jim Lehrer did a piece on them. Watch the piece and become a convert!

Oh, one more thing - they currently offer one of the highest yields on online savings in the country! Make money and help disadvantaged communities ... God, I feel like Superman!!

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