Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blogs Come Back to Bite You ...

This story highlights the risks of being too expressive in blogs. My own policy is to avoid personal information as much as possible (even if most of my blog audience are acquaintences). I also reserve the right to always change my views at a later time. I used to be a communist in my teens, and stayed a liberal through much of the time, but in recent times have found myself getting more conservative (with age?) on a host of issues ranging from economic to social. But rather than dithering, I view this as a healthy acceptance of new information and a lack of rigidity that is so lacking in so much of our populace. I also recognize that sometimes rheoteric doesn't match reality, so while in principle, one approach may work (say, for example, governments involved in ensuring jobs for the poor), I may one day realize reality is very different (governments are more likely to feed themselves and ensure that the flawed systems that empower bureaucrats remain firmly entrenched!)

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Anonymous said...

just what we need...another conservative person in our already screwed up society. :)