Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rural Innovators

I was quite inspired by this story of budding innovators in rural India. It's a reminder that through dedication and commitment, we can make a difference, despite the lack of monetary and other resources. Hopefully, some entreupreneur can team with such talent to bring this ideas to the marketplace, rather than them having to rely on some stupid government official's benevelonce.

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krish said...

Good note, thanx.. there are networks like Rural inovation network which try to identify such people and make their ideas come true..

How is life at virginia.. loong time.. working for xansa(IT company) on the social projects, foundation types.. trying break in to startup my bio-fuel consultancy/project.

some time back i was talking about cool coats right..unfortunately/fortunately some one has already, done it...

convey my regards to sid.. how is love life..??