Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hero Hoagland

My latest hero is Principal Hoagland, who put his foot down and cancelled the prom rather than allow it to become a vulgar display of affluence, and an excuse for a sex party. That a Catholic school, where presumably parents send their kids to escape the weak standards, academic and otherwise, of public schools, had degenerated to this was sad. But thankfully at least one educator seems to think we are headed in the wrong direction. Cheers to you! Now I would introduce into the curriculum a service component, where rather than the school going to Disneyland or some stupid trip, they go down to Mexico and solve the problems of their brethren. And if any parents don't seem keen about it, well, then let them take their kids to a school that does not have a mandate to impart values! All schools, but especially faith-based schools, whatever faith they represent, have a central covenant - mould the character of the pupils.

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