Monday, October 24, 2005


This is for my Tamil audience interested in some incredible devotional songs. Sangkeertanam is a wonderful collection of songs produced (I think) by Bro. Jega from Malaysia and Rekha Ravindran (who I think is also from Malaysia), and is available online at the Sangkeertanam page at It features such accomplished singers as Unnikrishnan and SPB. The pick of the album, for me and my "karmic brother" Shiva, is Vazhavaipai Thayee, and especially the version by O.S.Arun, which practically gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. It's very much like a ghazal (or maybe is one?).

Incidentally, I'm not quite sure how if accomplished this, but when I checked it out from home, it had the words in Tamil, but at school, the song names were in English! Evidentally a script that checks for availability of a font or the like. But if you find gibberish, don't worry, the links still work.


Shivakumar said...

Very true...still that song gives the same feeling...awesome feel

Anonymous said...

Hi...yes I loved Sangkeertanam !! Rekha's second one ..Sangkeertanam Deyva Tendral is also superb....Bobby D