Saturday, March 11, 2006

In the Doctor's Backyard

I just watched some of the coverage on MSNBC on the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Sen Bill Frist, not exactly my favorite man, won the straw poll in his backyard, but the most interesting development, I thought, was Sen John McCain urging people to write in President Bush's name, as a sign of support for him in these tough times. It was an interesting strategy, one emphasized by an interview with his ally, Sen Lindsey Graham. The McCain campaign is obviously investing heavily in the idea that the candidate blessed by the incumbent tends to win the primaries. It is odd that McCain, a greater hawk than Bush, has to embrace the President to appear conservative enough.

I also heard Mitt Romney's speech, and while he struck a chord at a couple of points, for the most part I was not impressed. I didn't get to hear George Allen or Brownback or or Tancredo or others who represent the body of the Republican party that's anti-immigration. Listen, I'm all for talking tough on the topic, but as I have ranted before, illegals come because we in this country have a serious shortage of cheap labor. Anyone who's ever been to a farm will know we couldn't enjoy the good life without the poor illegals willing to work for peanuts!

The other person I heard interviewed was Sen Trent Lott, and I must say I was very impressed. Here's a guy who seemed to be articulate, and at least in the course of the interview, lacked the venom so pervasive in the Beltway.

Oh, and if you can vote, do so for John McCain ... you know it's the right thing to do!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, John McCain is finally winning me over... especially with his recent comments (against popular opinion) in support of the Dubai Ports World deal. He has my vote at the moment.
-Alex N.