Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Heads Must Roll!

I have waited to see what happens in the scandal where Rep. Mark Foley is alleged to have sexually solicited pages working for Congress. I'm amazed that this has become a partisan issue in some quarters. There are few values we hold higher than child protection and anyone involved must go, including the following:

  • Mark Foley from any position of any value (he has already resigned from Congress)
  • Speaker Denny Hastert and other committee chairs who may have known about the issue. It isn't enough to simply claim that they didnt know about the sexually explicit e-mails. In this day and age, simply the appearance of inappropriate conduct with children should have had alarm bells ringing, and triggered a thorough investigation.
  • Members of the FBI, who after having received e-mails that Foley sent the page 2 years ago, chose to do nothing. Even if the FBI is correct that the source's motives were questionable (see next bullet), it could have chosen to do some independent digging by at the very least dispatching some agents to talk to pages in the program. Oh, and it isn't ok to claim you weren't going to move if you didn't know how the source obtained the information!
  • Members of CREW and other liberal associates, if it turns out that they had access to e-mails Foley to the page as early as April, and (as the FBI claims) redacted several sections of the e-mails, and only sent the information to the FBI last month. Hmm, I smell a rat!

    Overall though, there's plenty of blame to go around. But we need to go past partisanship and protect our children. Otherwise, slogans of freedom and liberty are meaningless!

    Su said...

    You have a great blog going on here. It's rare to come across bloggers who make an effort to update their blogs regularly. I can see that you don't have that many comments and it's quite frustrating to have readers who don't post comments. I appreciate the way you're unfazed by that and keep writing about thought provoking issues.

    I will definately show you some blog love :)

    Karthik Narayanaswamy said...

    Su, thanks for your kind words. It is quite tough to keep the motivation to write a blog with few comments (even though several people I know do read it), but I think I embarked on this journey to help me sort out my ideas and views, and for that purpose, writing a blog has been phenomenal!