Friday, September 29, 2006

Come Up With a Plan, Dammit!

I'm sick and tired of Democrats whining about the "failed policy" in Iraq. Here's an idea ... come up with something better. The other day, NPR or PRI had an interview with some looney leftist member of the House of Reps, who used the usual cliches to complain about our failures. Her plan? One, withdraw troops from Iraq to the neighboring countries (which ones exactly would allow us to deploy there) Two, disarm the militia (ok, first it's a little hard to disarm the militia when you just left the country, and you really think the US army hasn't tried to do that?) And three, start a political dialogue (blah blah ... we have been doing that!)

In a nutshell, most Democrats don't have a plan. There are a few sensible ones out there, but if the leftist wing of the party siezes control like they did in Connecticut, then it will be the demise of the party, and possibly our democratic system!

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Sid Krishnamurthi said...

I dont know if there is a "Right" plan for Iraq. Is troop withdrawal the solution? Not likely, coz withdraw troops and your different factions are going to have a go at each other. Increasing troops in Iraq is not going to go well with the voters in the country. Iraq seems to be heading towards a civil war; there has been a study, albeit highly contested, that suggests that 650,000 people have been killed since the start of the war. Now, that's a big number, don't you think?