Saturday, September 02, 2006

Respect the People

The decision of a British television network, More4 to show a movie about the assasination of President George Bush, including using doctored photos of his likeness, is shameful! The director's claims that the intentions are simply to present a gripping story cut no ice - this could just as easily have been achieved using a fictional character, like scores of others have done.

This is part of a worrying trend. Google failure, and the first hit you get is the bio of the President (the fact that Google hasn't fixed the problem is appalling!) You've heard liberals refer to Bush as the dictator and the autocrat, sometimes stretching it to the ridiculous. But whether you like him or not, you do need to respect his office and how he got there. As a lady from (I think) the United Press International berated Eleanor Clift (probably in the ranks of reporters I hate the most) of Newsweek for equating Bush with Putin and his thugs, President Bush was elected by a majority of the American people. Irrespective of his current popularity, we need to respect his office and all it represents ... the fact that the American people have chosen their leader, that they have a real choice (yes, if you are an independent, it's tough, but not impossible for you to win, and nobody breaks your bones for trying).

In their quest to bash Bush, many liberals are unwittingly taking stabs on the very foundation of the idea of America. If we lose our respect for our ideals, then we would have inflicted a much more calamitous blow to free society than Osama bin Laden or his cronies could ever have hoped.

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