Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm Ashamed of Hollywood

So one more Hollywood celebrity talks about being ashamed for his country - this time, the nutjob in question is Oliver Stone. Well, Oliver, too bad you're so ashamed. Maybe you should swap citizenship with one of those hungry immigrants who survives the tortures of the desert, risking death, drinking his own urine to stay hydrated, getting poked in the face trying to get water from a cactus, all so that he can move to this shameful country.

I mean, what do you mean we have to lose a few of our liberties? I mean, these are too precious for us intellectuals ... so what if a few average Joes die in terrorist attacks. Ideals count for more than lives! As Oliver notes, we should fight like the British or the Spanish ... slowly, allowing a ton of people to die in the process. We'll call them martyrs ... hey, we could make a few movies about it. I mean, you can't really make a movie about whipping some Taliban ass in Afghanistan ... that just doesnt sell. But a few more 9/11s ... we can do with. Movies about heroism inspire a nation, right? So what if some poor SOBs die in the process ...

Oh yeah, and there's always a cabal that's taken over the government. Don't you people read your literature? They are hand in glove with the "terrorists". It's all a grand big plot to take over our lives.

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