Thursday, July 19, 2007


If you're into politics, definitely check out the Candidates@Google forum, with videos on Youtube. Unlike the usual sound bite nonsense that you see on the TV channels, a candidate who has to talk for an hour has to get into the details. So, in this video, for example, Bill Richardson has to argue why he's for a cap-and-trade policy for controlling global warming rather than a carbon tax, the use of tax incentives to achieve policy goals, his health care plan or his energy policy initiatives, or of course, Iraq and foreign policy. I disagree with some of his ideas, as I did when watchhing Congressman Ron Paul earlier, but I know where they stand. And they educate you on fascinating aspects of public policy. Ron Paul may be perceived as a lunatic by many mainstream voters for his extreme conservative views, but his discussions of history and the constitution make you sit up.

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