Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thank You, Lady Bird!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I drove up the Shenandoah mountains with my windows down, I couldn't help but reflect on the contributions of Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson. The former First Lady, who recently passed, was instrumental in the beautification of the nation's capital and national highways. I confess having been raised outside the US, I knew little about Lady Bird - in fact, I didn't initially recognize her to be Mrs LBJ. However, her passing has made me ponder just how big her contributions to landscape beautification are. I don't know that road trips would be quite the same without the wonderful plantings and the limitations on billboards that Lady Bird was instrumental in bringing forth. Goodbye, Lady Bird, we'll miss you!

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Su said...

Aww.How sweet :) Finally a blog that does not talk about economics but beauty :)

This beauty approvesssssssssssssss