Thursday, September 13, 2007

Say No to Biofuel

It's 3 am here at Portland airport, and even this cup of java can't trigger a very eloquent essay, but on my drive here, I heard a story I felt compelled to post here. Turns out rising commodity prices have caused rising pasta prices in Italy. Add that to the soaring prices of corn that affect the poor in Latin America, and you have a problem. While biofuel is not the only problem, this story emphasizes why biofuel is a sinful fuel, maybe even more than the much maligned petroleum sources.

Seriously, if you truly care about global warming, skip the touted technological solutions and focus on good ol' conservation. That's not to say solar and wind and whatever else don't have a place in society - just that it's silly to think they'll make a big dent in our "dirty" energy consumption or greenhouse gas loads any time soon.


Rags said...
It's an initiative by Chevron. Play the game. I learnt some interesting facts about energy and its sources. I was amazed to see that the so-called "good fuels" also have a hidden bad side, and you can't do away with traditional "bad fuels".
And for your "recent book list", you might want to try

Rags said...
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