Thursday, December 20, 2007

McCain is Back, and He's Gooooood!!

From the start of the presidential race, one candidate has had my hypothetical vote (as a foreigner, I don't get to vote) since the start. John McCain doesn't align with me perfectly, but he represents the kind of politician I would be - fiscally conservative but supporting regulation in some areas, socially conservative on some issues and liberal on issues. But above all, an ethical one.

That McCain seemed almost to be gone when he was an establishment candidate and a front runner. While I did realize the need to embrace the powerful interest groups such as the evangelists, it seemed like the McCain I loved was morphing. Well, no more! The kickass McCain is back, as Time magazine put it and he's super! So super that you even have the Weekly Standard, a prominent conservative outlet, writing quite glowingly about him.

Dissing corn subsidies in Iowa ... now that's a political slogan that will get him support nationally. It helps that he was right on Iraq ... a surge has helped and made Gen Petraeus the 'Man of the Year' (never mind what the folks at Time think!) in my book. But above all, it helps that he's genuine.

To be fair, he's trailing big-time. But I think at some point, people are looking for a candidate who's genuine. I dare say that's why W. won in 2000, and that's why Obama's doing so well in the Democratic circles.

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Rags said...

I would hypothetically vote for John McCain too simply because he's got such a kick-ass name (I'm not really following the US Presidential elections here in India, so I can't comment on issues and stands like you do so eloquently and so brilliantly). He's got a name like Bruce Willis' character in the Die Hard franchise - John McClane.