Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Strange Rules of the FCC

CAUTION: this post contains words that might be considered offensive. In reality, you probably hear them every day. However, if you are offended, you might just have a career in the FCC!

I was engaging in my Sunday morning ritual of a cup of coffee (and some delicious pound cake, thanks to a friend) and enjoying the extra time to read up on the news when I came across this story - SNL newbie Jenny Slate evidently dropped the F-bomb. Horror of horrors!! What will happen to society now? Oh and will she be punished? Will the almighty FCC slap a fine on the station?

Now, you can argue that the children don't need to be exposed to the F-word. I'll agree with you on that, though I've heard a kid as young as 9 years old use it. But if you are old enough to be watching Saturday Night Live, I don't think the FCC needs to be protecting you!

Seriously, what kind of stupid farts are on this board? Consider this - you can call someone a "bastard" but not say "shit" on TV! Shit! I mean, I don't use the fucking f-word a lot, but I never realized "shit" had the power to corrupt!

Come on, we're grown adults here! You could argue what's appropriate for sporting events and music awards in prime time, but after 10 pm, I say bring on the fucking nudes! And let them cuss while they are going at it!

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mwk said...

after 10 pm, I say bring on the fucking nudes lolz!!!