Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Comparing US and European Health Care is Misleading

Simple reason ... Americans are way too fat! Check out the national obesity statistics here. Americans are 3 times as fat as most European countries.

Government has a role. Removing corn subsidies that ensure high-fructose corn syrup in all our foods would be a good start. (Oh, and it would also reduce starvation in third world countries which struggle to compete on an un-flat agricultural market) Town planners incentivizing more walkable communities will help. More awesome farmers' markets, like the one in my city, will help.

I personally don't even mind a tax on unhealthy foods, although I don't think its implementable.

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Anonymous said...

couldn't agree w/ you more. Not only is farmers' market enjoyable and refreshing, the fact that you avoid the middlemen (at least a few) and help the farmers makes you feel good.

It's even better where I come from. Fresh is the way to go! grocery shopping is fun when you haggle w/ the seller...we buy veggies 'just because' we spotted them walking down the road & they looked good! :)