Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ah, the Joys of Moving ...

OK, so I'm in my office on a Saturday. No, not because I suddenly have discovered hard work, but to get away from hell ... a.k.a. house on moving day. I mean, I would rather scratch myself with a stainless steel utility knife than move. Really, if you would do my moving for me, I can go and buy that knife!

Talking of moving, ever feel like you are just hauling crap from one place to another? So I decided to come up with a 3-year rule ... if I didn't use it for 3 years, out it goes. Great in theory, except what constitutes using. I mean, that card that gal gave me for a birthday when I was a lot younger still gives me goosebumps, so it counts, right. And heaven knows you could never have too many staple pin boxes. So what if some of the pins aren't even for my stapler?!? And so the ritual goes on ... crap becomes valued for a precious few minutes only to turn to crap again ... while you buy new crap to manage the old crap.

Talking of which, how come noone ever thinks of moving when buying furniture. Yeah, that computer desk looks good ... never mind it will take me three freaking days to dismantle so that I can fit it through the door when I move ... oh, and who needs that silly old manual ... we'll turn the screws till it falls apart!!

Ah, how I love moving ...

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