Monday, August 02, 2004

Fat Bob Strikes Back!

OK, so it looks like fat activists are fighting back against notions that being overweight is bad for you. To be fair, some people are genetically heavier, and also may never have issues arising from being overweight. But you know what, some people never have issues from smoking, not all Indians (both Asian and Native American) suffer from diabetes. But as an Asian Indian, if I fail to see that for whatever reason, I'm prone to diabetes and need to take pre-emptive action, well, then I'm a stupid idiot who deserves what I get. Don't get me wrong - I have tons of overweight and fat family ... heck, most of my family could do with a few less pounds. But stop killing the freaking messenger, cut out those starchy foods and get your fat asses to the gym!!

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Shivakumar said...

Now that is something for all people to think about.....Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!