Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bashing Free on the Air

First, let me say it's wonderful to be back in action. I passed my PhD quals and am now allowed to spend many more good years in pursuit of scholarly achievement.

OK, there's been a lot of angst over these guys at Sinclair Broadcasting Corp wanting to air an anti-Kerry documentary on the airwaves. Listen, this is OUR space, and we let these bozos use them for our benefit, and any partisan nonsense like this should be illegal! If the name Sinclair rings a bell, it's cos these idiots are the ones who refused to air the pictures of our fallen soldiers. This is truckloads of CRAP! We have soldiers dying out there, and we need to respect their sacrifice, irrespective of the political consequences.

On the same note, we need to question the logic of allowing biased political opinion on the free airwaves. I mean, I like Bill Moyers, but there is no way in hell he is non-partisan. He is a liberal ... one who is articulate and clear, but a liberal nevertheless. Should it be sold as a news program?

I think we should have programs such as NOW with Bill Moyers, but we do need a disclosure clause. After the stock market scandals, every newspaper publishes a disclaimer on the vested interests the analyst has in that stock ... we need a similar clause for news reporting ... XYZ has contributed $1,500 to the RNC/DNC, and has funded causes such as yadar yadar ya. Then people can figure out for themselves if they trust the "reporting".

Also, none of this "NEWS" nonsense. When you read a newspaper, in theory, you know what is NEWS and what is OP-ED. Same should go for TV stations!

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