Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate III - Labor

Kerry fails for talk of raising the minimum wage - just not pragmatic in a global world.

Bush wins on the issue of education, even if he didn't address the issue of underfunding NCLB convincingly.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, bush wins on the issue of education?? whatever! if anything, he loses. bush is the one who needs to be educated. did you know that he cut funding from inner city schools and after school programs? inner city schools are the ones who need the most funding! they don't have the proper resources to help the students with their learning. resources include: textbooks, paper, computers, etc. after school programs are one of the most important aspects of building imagination and self-esteem. these programs include: athletics, drama, art, choir, clubs, etc. with the cut of funding, these programs don't exist. no wonder our youth is running wild!
nclb is leaving every child behind. my god, it's not even funded properly. testing students is the answer.
please tell me why you think bush wins on the issue of education. :)
" rarely is the questions asked, ' is our children learning?'" ~ pres. bush

Anonymous said...

my bad, i meant to say testing is NOT the answer.