Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate III - Conclusion

Schieffer was the clear winner, asking good questions and keeping the candidates disciplined and not allowing them to stretch on and additional rebuttal time.

Between the candidates, I think it was close, with Kerry marginally ahead. Bush just doesn't do well in these situations - he doesn't have the command of numbers and facts that is required in these situations.

On a side note, I think Kerry's gonna sleep on the couch. GOD, couldn't he think of something to say about Theresa. He sounded like he would have wanted Laura except for Theresa's money!

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Shivakumar said...

I also noticed the response to the last question and felt the same.

Generally speaking, the way bush spoke made me think that he had tha hangover of speaking to a group of 'Yes Mr. President - Group'. I felt his sentences and his body language was more tuned to getting those applauses. But the trouble is that the crowd was more balanced and warned not to interrupt.

Bush didn't have a variety in what he had to say about Kerry. O yeah, I am sure Anti-Bush. If not backed by any serious issues, but for the heck of it!!!

All said and debated about....Like people always say, I have no clue how much impact these dabates make in the minds of the undecided voters.