Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Eminent Domain

OK, so I've been slacking off posting my views on many political topics, in part because I've been quite busy. But an e-mail from a friend pricked my blog consciousnes, so here are my two cents on recent Supreme Court decisions (this and the next post)

As you may know, the Supreme Court ruled that local goverments can seize personal property for private development. They could always get your property for building a new highway, but now they can force you to sell your property for the new mall or stadium. This is an outrage, and is un-American! Being an immigrant from a country where bureaucrats have far-reaching powers, I know all too well of the opportnuties for abuse. Why does the court insist on sabotaging our rights?

On a related note, do read about musician Ry Cooder, of 'Beuna Vista Social Club' fame, talking about his new project, Chavez Ravine, which highlights this precise abuse of power.

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