Friday, June 24, 2005

Two Great Blogs and One Super Site

OK, here are 2 blogs I love:

Postsecret is a fantastic idea - it's a project where people send in anonymous postcards sharing secrets they haven't told anyone else. Some seem so freaky, you almost wonder if they are real!

Chromasia is a wonderful photo blog. The pictures are breathtaking, and if you read the comments, you will get more details about the exposure, film, etc.

But my favorite site is ...
PhD Comics is a fantastic (make that FANTASTIC!) comic strip by a talented bunch at Stanford, and is a hilarious (and sometimes dangerously accurate) account of graduate school! OK, if you were thinking of coming to grad school, please do not visit this site!!

1 comment:

Vinka said...

Buenos dias Kartihk!

I just went to the Ph.D comics they are pretty good, I'll sent the link to Brandon...see you on Monday!