Sunday, November 06, 2005

Where's the Swagger?

Watching Bush the other day, I couldn't help thinking of how beleagured the President is. I mean, I had read of all his problems in the media, but it was nowhere more obvious than watching a press conference. Gone was the swagger and the charm, and instead was left a man who seemed excessively defensive. Bush needs to get back to what made him popular - besides conservatism, he got elected because he was a Washington outsider, not a seasoned politician with an eye fixated on the popularity scale. To redeem himself, Bush needs to come out strong on ethics issues, and fix his personal credibility, which has been tumbling. Don't play coy and refuse to comment - you are just adding yourself to the long list of politicians we hate. That's not how you became president, and certainly what people want.

As I complained in an earlier post, I was quite excited after the elections by a president who seemed ready to fix social security, healthcare, education, immigration. Instead we have gone nowhere. This second term is the most collosal waste of time we have experienced. Maybe he's waiting for elections to be done Nov 8? One can only hope so. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you have to be frustrated at the lack of progress on so many issues.

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GoldenOrb82 said...

lets face it -- the only reason ol' Bushy got elected was because of his stance on gay marriage, and since that topic has strangely disappeared from the horizon, people are back to wondering just what on earth they elected him for. He really has nothing new to say.