Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Forget the Sugar-Free

I've been too busy recently to blog, but thought I'd squeeze the time this morning to share with health article. I've sort of known how bad flour was before, but figured not many other people don't. But when I read this article from Dr Gabe Mirkin, even I was shocked to learn that white flour makes your blood sugar rise almost as much as table sugar. So he argues that there is no point buying sugar-free desserts loaded in white flour. I'm not white flour free - I still devour the cheap pasta from Sam's Club, but I use a lot of broccoli and cauliflower and blackeyed peas or chickpeas in my pasta sauce to add fiber and slow the rise of blood sugar. There are still probably some nutrients lost in the flour making process, but until Whole Foods can come out with a cheaper version of their whole grain pastas, this will have to do. I do eat whole wheat bread and brown rice already. You can buy the latter by the pound at Whole Foods - I recommend a 50-50 mix of long and short grain brown rices and using a 1:3 mix of rice and water if you use a rice cooker.

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