Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Muzzles Go to ...

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Speech announced the recipients of the 2006 Jefferson Muzzles for attempting to suppress free speech. Besides the usual suspects in President Bush, Dept of Justice, FCC, Dept of Homeland Security, there were a few not-so-familiar ones. Here are a couple I found interesting:

  • Rep. Joe Barton, for attempting to bully climate change scientists, using not a citation from a peer-reviewed journal but the Wall Street Journal! I'm all ears for any respectable scientist who wants to present data arguing against global warming, but when we decide to pressure scientists for policy reasons, that crosses the line.
  • William Paterson University. This is a sad reality of how hypersensitive and freaking PC people have gotten. A professor sent an e-mail about some lesbian films that were to be screened, and inviting comments from the university readership. A student who was offended responded by calling the acts "a perversion" and offensive to his religious beliefs. The university went on to file sexual harrassment charges against the student, with the professor claiming it caused her to "feel threatened in her workplace" GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!

    The reality is free speech is threatened, but not only by those in the federal government. I have noticed in my very own college newspaper a definitive tendency to publish liberal garbage rather than conservative speak, a scenario where a leftist may criticize the Christian faith, but a Christian cannot enunciate his views on abortion or homosexuality, to print extensive essays on the need for a "living wage", but not even a letter (which I have tried to submit on multiple occasions) on why the call for a living wage is misplaced.
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