Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Next Sex Frontier?

CAUTION: This post contains some material which some readers may find offensive ... although I guess you're used to some form of offensivespeak if you've ever read my blog, this time it isn't political!

MSNBC recently covered a story about research going into the development of robotic sexual partners which could cater to every fantasy. It even has a name, "teledildonics" (get it?). Hmm, ok so maybe I'm a bit of a prude, but WHAT!! Teledildonics - gimme a break!

Maybe this is why we are having trouble holding relationships together! Sex is the ultimate expression of emotional intimacy, but we have divorced all emotion and converted it into a merely physical activity. And we wonder where the love's gone. I mean, how f**ked up you gotta to be that you want to get it on with a robot, when there are some wonderful people out there with whom you can enjoy the excitation of not just the body but so much more.

That really is a damning indictment of our societal mindset - we just can't appreciate quality any more. It's like eating dinner at McDonald's because you don't have the time and energy and love to put together a sumptious meal! I don't know if I read it somewhere or I just made it up, but a saying comes to mind:
Life is always about the little things

Whether its a soft loving carress of a partner, or the melodious chirping of the birds, or that faint whiff of spices in your dinner, it's the little things that make life worthwhile. Without them, living, and yes even "pleasure", is a chore!


Robin "redbone" Cloud said...

you are one sexy looking dude..and i'm a lesbian. what are you doing in charlottesville. I'm writing you because you've read the Initiate...not to many folks know that book. Anyway check out my site...

Karthik Narayanaswamy said...

Yeah, I loved 'The Initiate'. The idea that you could change your life by changing your perspective was something that I've tried to hold on to. Definitely a must-read!

Oh, and pity you're a lesbian ... it seems all the good ones are either lesbians or married ... hmm, or maybe it's just me ;)

GoldenOrb82 said...

oh, so this is the article you were talking about... i didn't think it was offensive at all! well, here's the thing -- i would rather people got their jollies on a robot than tricking or fooling some person into the act for the same purpose. If there is no human emotion there to start with, at least don't get another person involved -- use a robot instead.

Anonymous said...

This whole conversation/ blog is distrubing! I guess cause it's coming from you people. :)