Monday, January 08, 2007

Interesting News Articles

Here are some recent articles I found interesting ...

This article in the International Herald Tribune is about more that the mobile phone business. It shows how expanding to India and China is doing more than just cutting costs or opening new markets; it is transforming American companies too. One example:

"If we're going to be successful in Asia, we have to be successful in small cars," [Nick Reilly, president of GM Asia Pacific] added. "And that will give us the potential products to go back into our traditional markets of Europe and the U.S. with smaller cars, which we haven't had before."

Another article from the IHT - this time, about Asian enrollment in American universities. Here's the number that stunned me - this fall and last, the number of Asian-American freshmen at Berkeley has been at a record high, about 46 percent.

A Dallas food chain is starting to accept Mexican pesos instead of American dollars. While this will obviously outrage immigration opponents, this is interesting from a business perspective, especially for a company which caters predominantly to immigrants.

I was really terrified to read about this man losing his retirement savings due to identity theft. J.P.Morgan did refund his balance, but it hightlights the very real risks we face in a connected world. I called my broker, Scottrade and checked on their security policies, specifically under what circumstances they would send a check to a third party, and would suggest you all do the same.

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