Saturday, January 20, 2007

War on Iran?

One would be justifiably incredulous about suggestions that the US might go to Iran, but when someone of the stature of Ted Koppel suggests his sources in the military suggest this is a possibility, you naturally sit up. Koppel thinks there were indications in a recent Bush speech to point to this, and the deployment of additional strike forces there. Now, the Bush administration surely couldn't be serious. I mean, Iran is a threat, and my personal belief is that Iraq factored into the equation in the first place because of Iran. The plan was once Afghanistan and Iraq become key US allies, a two-pronged ground attack on Iran was now possible. Too bad it can't work! Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan are viable bases for a military campaign (and I say this as a supporter of the war!), and the US now has to look to try to redefine its once grand vision.

I must say I'm amazed at all the talk of a military campaign, be it by the US or Israel, given how foolhardy it would be. Now, Israel genuinely has reasons to be concerned with Ahmadinejad's map-altering desires, but a full-blown war would only expose the Israeli people to more hostility. The Mossad is one of the best intel agencies in the world - I would think they would be able to deploy shoes on the ground (as opposed to boots) and take out key facilities with low-level tactical nukes or appropriate bombs. Given the secrecy in Iranian society and the desire for the ruling class not to reveal their embarassment, Iran will probably never admit it had a nuclear facility, let alone one Mossad was able to take out - which is all the better!

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