Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stay in College, Your Marriage Will Thank You!

The International Herald Tribune (a great newspaper to read, by the way!) had a fascinating story on why so many American women are single. You might imagine that it's because women are chosing careers over marriage. God, here's why you should love the numbers! It turns out educated women are more likely to marry, and less likely to divorce than their uneducated counterparts! The effect is true, although less significant for men. You should read the story for the full unadultered details, but I'll leave you with this quote:
"The way we used to look at marriage was that if women were highly educated, they had higher earning power, they were more culturally liberal and people might have predicted less marriage among them," [University of Maryland sociologist Steven] Martin said. "What's becoming more powerful is the idea that economic resources are conducive to stable marriages. Women who have more money or the potential for more money are married to men who have more stable income."

Yes, yes, I get excited when facts reveal distorted perceptions and urban legends!

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