Friday, March 23, 2007

Firefox Add-On of the Day

I love Firefox - I think it's simply the niftiest browser, and being open-source allows many users to address real issues. Unfortunately, most people don't recognize just how nifty some of these add-ons are, and to them, it appears like there isn't that much different from Internet Explorer. To encourage migration to Firefox, I'm starting an occasional post called the 'Firefox Add-On of the Day'.

And the Firefox Add-On of the Day is ...


CoolIris allows you to preview links before you open them. This is cool because it loads faster than clicking the page, and allows you to quickly navigate a page with multiple links, much faster than clicking each link and then hitting the back button would. You can select a phrase, and right click to look up its definition in the directory, or look for a Wikipedia entry on the phrase (something I do a lot), or instantly e-mail web pages. All this makes CoolIris the Firefox Add-On of the Day.

Learn more and download here.

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