Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chavez and His Oil Games

When will we realize that our oil consumption is supporting thugs like Hugo Chavez? Fortune had this story about how he is indimidating business leaders into rewriting contracts, and also wants to jack up the price of oil. It's time to reduce our dependence on oil by conservation, pursuing alternate sources and new technology development. If we create the right incentives, the private sector will respond with new technology.

Oh, and talking of alternate sources, isn't it time to look more seriously at nuclear power. Despite the safety issues, this remains in the short-term the most likely candidate for large scale power development, and is relatively safer. I hope to see even cleaner options emerge, but we need to recognize we aren't there yet (which after all these years, you wonder why)


Anonymous said...

Karthik, you are naive. You seem to be carried away by what the media writes. The media is exactly in sync with America's geopolitical ambitions. If it suits American interests it's right else it's wrong. How sad? You label Chavez a dictator. Rather odd since Chavez has twice won popular votes in Venezuela in spite of US support and funding for the opposition. Let me remind that US which talks of democracies instigated coup against him and it was was bungled, and you now advocate another regime-change for reasons I'm a bit unclear on. How Bush would justify that one. WMDs? That won't fly this time. Democracy? Nope. Suppport for Islamic terrorists? Nope. 'Too independently-minded for our liking' maybe? 'Too keen on redistributing his country's oil wealth to help its poor' perhaps?
- Prahalad

Anonymous said...

Oh! BTW here's a must read on the geopolitical games US plays in the Indian context. I beg you to read and dessiminate the same!

The Axis of Neocolonialism => http://www.sulekha.com/column.asp?cid=218625