Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh Shut Up and Read the Whole Statement!

OK, so here's one more instance of people getting excited after apparently reading a soundbite. People are blasting William Bennett for suggesting that we should abort black babies to reduce crime. That, my friends, is the exact opposite of what he said!

OK, here's what I understand happened. A caller asked about some book that suggests that the reason crime is down is because abortion is up. Bennet, a pro-lifer, pointed out that the ends do not justify the means. As an example, he asked rhetorically if it would be ok to abort black babies to reduce crime? He then went on to say that it was morally reprehensible in this case, just as it is always morally reprehensible to abort a baby for economic reasons. His point was you cannot justify a moral wrong with economic reasons.

Now, you may be for or against abortion, you may like Bennett or not - I for one know little about him. You may even argue with his implication that black people are responsible for most crime. I do not question anyone arguing on this issues. What I do get pissed off about is people trying to suggest Bennett called for the abortion of black babies!!

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Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a short piece written by Jonathan Swift in the 18th century called "A Modest Proposal", a satire on current events in Britain at the time. its interesting that these moral questions are not new. here is a link if you are interested: