Wednesday, September 28, 2005

One more liberal show ...

I sat with a group of friends to watch the premier of 'Commander-in-Chief' on ABC. If you haven't heard about it, it's a show where a woman VP becomes President when the incumbent dies. We watched it because a friend acted as a Nigerian woman, and it was indeed very exhilarting to see someone you know on network TV.

Having said that, I'm tired of one more liberal show bashing conservatives, which is what my early radar suggests this is going to be about. I mean, the woman's an independent, and the Speaker and others are power-hungry insensitive Republicans. So what I suspect we'll see is Geena Davis kicking some ass as she improves welfare, reduces pollution, bashing money-hungry companies, and allows gay marriage and abortion (though it'll probably be called "choice"). What they won't tell you is what she's really doing is throwing money into that sinkhole called Big Government, implementing meaningless policies independent of whether it truly helps the environment, kills job-creating industries, and allows for the murder of unborn babies. (Yes, it's debatable when, but certainly at some point, a fetus is a life, and that's a lot before it comes out of the mother's womb, so let's not cloak it as "choice"!)

Incidentally, just how retared the producers of this show are is from how they botched facts a young kid could have found Googling. As my Nigerian friend Femi pointed out, Nigeria does not have a Prime Minister, the lady about to be stoned by a Sharia court should wear a purdah if she's Muslim, and why would she be jailed in Christian Lagos if Islamic courts (which are in the North) sentenced her to be stoned for extramarital sex?

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