Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ah, the Smell of Fresh Democracy

The Iraqi voters once again showed the cynics just how much they valued their newfound democracy. 70% ... wow, when was the last time the US or any western democracy had a turnout like that? They don't want democracy, they liked to be ruled by thugs, was the refrain of liberal wimps, but indeed the Iraqis showed once again that they'd dogde bullets and bombs to let their voices be heard. Sure, there are still challenges ahead. The history of political development in all countries has been a slow and tortous one, but this is exactly why we have a responsibility to support them, rather than cutting and running, like retards like Howard Dean would prefer us to do.

President Bush argued very persuasively for patience in his interview with Jim Lehrer.
Wars are fought on objective, not timetable ... Victory means the troops are coming out, but troops are coming out does not mean victory.

Incidentally, you can hear that interview here, even though unfortunately it is only in streaming audio, rather than video.

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Anonymous said...

Turning up to vote doesn't mean a much. People are probably scared what would happen to them, if another ethnic group became the majority. So in a sense everyone is forced to vote...

OK, I don't know much about the different ethnic groups in Iraq or their histories -- but can they really sustain a democracy after the US leaves? That I think is the key question. [We'll probably only know this decades from now.] This doesn't seem to think so:,2763,1653454,00.html