Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Firefox Themes

I just discovered the new version of Firefox allows you to install themes (similar to Windows Media Player). You can find a sampling of themes here. In evaluating the different web browsers, it appears to me that Firefox has gotten way ahead of the competition.

Also, what's up with people not criticizing Apple's policies with respect to their browser? Apple's new Safari RSS handles RSS feeds and tabbed browsing, but is available only if you switch to their latest operating system. Hah, and all those people who embraced Apple as the anti-Microsoft should be feeling very good with the Mac's embrace of Microsoft-style coercion!


Anonymous said...

You should be forced to use Internet Explorer -- punishment for being anti-"anti-Microsoft" ;-) As far as the Mac goes -- you see, your thinking has been tainted by Microsoft! You are so used to Microsoft tactics that you are starting to see it everywhere. So stop using M$ products ;-)

But I understand why Mac people do put up with Apple -- after all, they get the coolest looking interface to a computer! And after iPod and iTunes (and being able do download TV shows to watch on your comp.), Apple can do no wrong!!

"Microsoft isn't the answer.
Microsoft is the question and 'Noooooooooo!' is the answer!"

-This isn't me

Anonymous said...

Btw, this just came out -- good to use if you are handling your finances online using a browser: