Monday, December 26, 2005

Frontline on Diet Wars

I just watched a wonderful edition of PBS' kick-ass show 'Frontline' titled 'Diet Wars' (to watch online, click on the link; the show is split in five chapters). At first, it may appear the same cliched discussion of the different diets, but as the show goes on, there are several less-noticed issues that come up, including reflections on our priorities as a society, and also many interesting (and alarming) facts.

For example, did you know, a teenager today has a 50% risk that he/she will develop Type 2 diabetes in his/her lifetime!! WOW, and I thought I should be nervous because of the sprinking of incidents in our family history!

Even if you are not concerned about your weight or health (either because you don't care or have it under control), this is a show worth watching for its contemplations on contempary society and public policy.

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